Why Trustedbookings

Because we are the best!

Why Trustedbookings


Work from the cloud

TrustedBookings works in the cloud, which means no installs and manual updates. Use TrustedBookings on your web browser – Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.


Use your existing devices

You don’t need to invest in any new hardware. TrustedBookings will work perfectly on your Desktop PC or Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.


Data security and back-up

Your data will be secured and encrypted, so you can focus on running your business and be confident that your data is secure and backed-up at all times.


Look Professional
Impress your customers with a seamless experience that all starts with your online booking process.

Trustedbookings integrates with your existing website to give your customers a convenient and consistent booking experience. Your customers will be able to instantly book from a real-time booking interface displayed on your website.

Trustedbookings works with any website to make the integration as easy as possible.


Get paid faster

Trustedbookings will give customers a range of payment options to speed up your cash flow.

Supported payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Paypal, Sofort Ɯberweisung.


Keep on top of it all

The Trustedbookings dashboard is designed to give you an instant snapshot of your business so you know whats going on and when.

You can modify bookings in the dashboards to give you quick and easy access to your day to day operations. We have designed a simple interface so that all of your team can understand.


Run promotions and track ROI

Run promotions & track the ROI or use specific promo codes to track performance and measure success.

Find new customers and drive bookings during low season. Trustedbookings allows you to apply promo codes to one product or a selection, remember to set the expiry date for each promo code.

You can measure success by using different promo codes per booking channel to see how they compare.


Centralise your customer data

Keep track of all your customer data in one place.

Trustedbookings will act as your CRM for all customer information to be accessed at any point.

Process repeat bookings easier, track your customer’s booking history and automate email communications.


Let agents book your rooms & activites

Trustedbookings can allow your agents access to check availability, book and pay within minutes so you no longer have to play telephone / email tag with them.

Existing agents can be given access and you can also find new agents to partner with through our agent ecosystem.